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You have the need for mold removal in your home, and we have the expertise & tools to service these mold removal and remediation needs. That being said, working with us would be a win-win for you as a homeowner and us as a company.


  • We have the expertise to deliver on the services we offer.
  •  We are licensed & insured, meaning that your building is in safe hands with us.
  • We have a host of tools and equipment which can help us get to the root of any mold infection.
  • We have more than ten years of experience and have covered numerous types of buildings in need of mold removal.

Mold is a big challenge for numerous homes in Everett, Washington, and seeing this need, we were prompted to make a difference. Having all the tools and gaining all the experience required for this business, we have been serving the needs of numerous clients in Everett, Washington for more than ten years.

We also understand the health challenges people face due to the availability of mold in their homes, and knowing how important it is for people to remain healthy all the time, we render the best mold removal services which is important.

We have faced so many mold remediation challenges over the years, and one thing that is synonymous with every one of them, no matter how difficult, is that we always come out on top of the situation.

We have numerous licenses, which we have acquired over numerous years in the mold remediation and removal business. These acquired licenses make us a trusted company you can rely on to clean and remediate your home.

We are also insured, which means that your home is in safe hands with us no matter the situation of things. This should give you the confidence that working in your home and servicing you the right way is a top priority for us.

At Everett Mold Removal Co., we offer you the best of mold removal services at affordable rates all around Everett, Washington, and with us, you are in safe hands. We offer you the best pricing for our high-caliber services, and we are looking forward to coming to your home and conducting a mold inspection.

After inspection and testing, we would point out your mold problems, the level of harm it can cause to your home and health, as well as the level of infestation in your home. If you have seen or smelt any mold in your home, do not hesitate to give us a call today or fill out one of our free estimate forms today.