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The mold inspection process is a very important part of the remediation of your home. This is because it gives us a better understanding of the situation of your home and what we need to do to bring it back to normal.

There are different types of mold infections in the home, with each and every one of them having different treatment methods, and the only way to make sure we get on top of the situation is proper mold inspection.

Mold originates from moisture, and after a certain level of growth, it starts to move through the air in your home, making it difficult for anyone to live in. With more time to grow comes more danger in the home making your living space toxic for you and your loved ones.

Knowing how important this step is to the success of the mold remediation in your home or office, we make use of the best of tools put in the hands of the most experienced remediation professionals.

Another reason why mold inspection and testing are important to you as the homeowner and us as a mold inspection company is that most of the time, things are not always as they seem with mold. It is even possible that other essential parts of the home you do not know about might be infected as well.

When we do cover all the required parameters of our mold inspection process, we advise prospective clients to take immediate action because, as we know, mold is a living organism. When left untreated in your space, the infection can spread at a rapid rate.

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Another reason you need to make sure you take relevant action when it comes to mold inspection is that mold – not treated at the right time – can be very bad for your health.

When most individuals call us for mold inspection in Everett, Washington, they have certain reactions like running noses, skin rashes, sneezing, and red eyes, all of which affect the way they enjoy their living spaces.

It gets worse with individuals with allergic mold reactions because coming in contact with mold can lead to shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. If you have children, older individuals, or people with compromised immune systems, they are definitely at risk of hospitalization if immediate action is not taken.

At the point of mold inspection, you would need to point out the place of visible mold infection, and from there, we can trace things to the root of the infection and other possible points of contamination. This is one advantage you get from making use of the services of professionals from Everett Mold Removal Co., something that unprofessional mold inspection companies would not get to notice.

We offer free mold inspection for certain types of buildings, while for some other buildings, there is a mold inspection cost, and this is simply because some buildings are much bigger than others requiring more hands and more equipment for testing.

Even with the free mold inspection we offer, it does not obligate you to hire us for your mold remediation services even though hiring us would be a great decision. If you have any mold removal jobs in Everett, Washington, we have the equipment, the years of experience, the quality to deliver on our word, and the personnel to tackle any mold removal jobs.

Your home is your haven and doing whatever it is you need to do to make sure that it remains that way – healthy and attractive – is worth your time and money. Many people around Everett, Washington, have testified to our mold testing services, the surprising results we brought to their notice and the results of the overall remediation and remodeling process which occurred at the successful completion of the project.

So, if you have any mold issues in your home, office, or personal space, and the thought of mold remediation near me comes to your mind, then Everett Mold Removal Co. is the right removal company for you. In the very end, you would be grateful that you chose to work with us, and as we have highlighted previously, the first step is mold inspection so give us a call today.