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We understand that you put a lot of work into your home, and things should stay that way or even get better. One major factor which can really put a dent on all your efforts is mold. Mold is resilient, and practically every personal effort you put into getting it out might be fruitless.

If you, by chance, notice any mold in your home, then your home is due for mold remediation. This process involves inspecting, testing, and cleaning the mold from start to finish. Is this something you can do for yourself? No. why? Because mold removal requires professional hands.

When mold grows, the root of the problem is far beyond the apparent mold growth you see on your wall. This is one of the primary reasons you need to take instant care using professional services.

The first step in our mold removal process is the assessment of your property and the affected area. This process involves the evaluation of the affected area and other parts of the home that can possibly be affected by the mold infection.

Once the assessment is done, we understand what we are up against – based on our experience and evaluation –then you would be given a quote covering your mold remediation cost. Once the figures are finalized, things can move to the next level.

Mold Remediation Inner

The next step is to get on top of the situation. With a host of professional tools at our disposal, we get to diagnose the affected region and find all the mold in your home. This is an essential step because fungus grows fast, and if any part of the house is left unattended, then you are right back to square one. Our professional-grade testing equipment would go through the entirety of your home, making the mold remediation process as effective as possible right from the start.

This testing phase of the mold remediation in Everett, Washington, is crucial because it helps us to get it right from the start. Once we test the samples, check air quality, and make an overall analysis, we have all the facts we need, which puts us in a position to take care of your mold challenges.

While a lot of mold remediation companies in Everett, Washington, do not think this step is essential, this is one key ingredient in the services we offer because it helps guarantee satisfaction both for us, knowing that we have done an excellent job and for our clients who get to enjoy the results of those services.

Once we are done testing, then we move over to the treatment phase. This involves sealing off the affected area of your home with heavy-duty tape and then cleaning. We remove mold from your home using heavy-duty plastic bags, making sure there is no form of contamination left. We also make sure that the special parts of your home, like your carpet and drywall, are cleaned as well.

We also use scrubbing tools to make sure that everything moldy becomes shiny, taking out every form of infection. This has to be done wearing specialized gear to prevent us from spreading the infection to other parts of the house.

If any part of the house cannot be salvaged, you would be notified before the commencement of the project, and provision has to be made for replacement to prevent the problem from recurring. Once all the mold is taken out, the air must be purified. This would mean dehumidifying the air by drying the humidity which gives mold life.

You can rest assured that with the completion of this process, your mold challenges would all be gone. Your home can once again have that glow it has always had right from the very beginning. So, if at the point you have challenges with mold in your home, the thought of mold remediation near me comes to mind, then we can be of service to you.

Our professional mold remediation contractors in Everett, Washington, have the experience, the tools, and the expertise to bring your home back to the level you want. With many years of experience in the mold remediation industry, you can trust Everett Mold Removal Co. to manage and fix all your mold challenges.