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One of the major misconceptions people have about mold is that when you have mold in your home, your home must be dirty or untidy. However, the truth of the matter is that every home can be affected by mold, including the cleanest of homes.

When you have a mold challenge in your home or office space, it looks unattractive and disgusting to you, and for mold infections that are much more airborne than visible, you might face a lot of health challenges.

For this reason, mold testing is essential, and Everett Mold Removal Co. is the best option for mold testing in your space. We say this because, asides from mold testing, we are also the best mold removal company in Everett, Washington.

The mold testing phase comes after our free mold inspection. This process involves taking a sample of the mold from the affected area or areas of your space for testing.

The mold testing process is as important as the mold inspection phase because it helps us decipher the kind or kinds of molds we are dealing with. This is an important part of what we do as a mold removal company because different kinds of molds have different treatment methods, and the only way to get the answers that we need is to test.

Mold Testing Inner

Compared to many mold testing companies out there, we have a variety of testing methods such as:

  • Smoke pens: which emit non-toxic smoke that react to certain types of molds.
  • Borescope: this is a device used to test for mold in places that are not easily accessible without damaging the building in any way.
  • Instant Swab Tests: this is used to instantly test for certain types of mold.
  • Tape lifts: for lifting specific areas where mold is difficult to lift.

These testing methods make it easy for us to see the visible and barely visible mold infestations, so we can then proceed to the mold remediation phase immediately.


You need to make sure you test for mold if you notice the following in your space:

  •  If you see mold or perceive a stale odor.
  • If water has leaked into your home or office.
  •  If your basement or attic is damp.
  • If you notice any mold in your home during a home inspection.
  • If you, your family, or pets are having any allergic reactions.
  • After a sewage backup leak or a natural disaster like a flood.


Our mold testing in Everett, Washington, is one of the best not only because we have the right tools and the expertise to get to the root of any mold infection but because we also know how to pass the information over to our clients.

At Everett Mold Removal Co., we analyze the mold in easy-to-understand terms, make you understand the health hazards you are likely to face with such mold infections, and the mold remediation options you have for healthy living. This would put you in the know and help you make informed decisions based on the information provided.

Even though we offer you the best mold testing services in Everett, Washington, our mold testing cost comes at a good and affordable rate, and this is because we know that asides from the testing phase, there is a lot to be done during the mold remediation phase when you chose to make us the company for cleaning up your home.


The bottom line is that compared to other mold testing and removal companies, we are the best option for you, and you can always count on us to deliver on our word. Our testing parameters are top-notch, and our standards over the years have never been compromised – instead, it keeps on getting better.

So, whenever you notice mold in your home or you look at the signs and symptoms we highlighted, and the thought of mold testing near me comes to mind, you can count on Everett Mold Removal Co. to get your home back to a healthy living space for you and your family.  If you suspect mold in your home, give us a call today at 425-578-5370.